Spring Bus Book and Service Changes

 Omnitrans Spring Bus Book and Service Changes

The Omnitrans Spring Bus Book and service changes are now available online. Look for print editions to be distributed to the buses during the latter part of this month.


  • The Kendall and Palm stop in San Bernardino will be served by Route 2.
  • CSUSB will be the end of the northern route for Route 7.
  • New sbX bus rapid transit service from the VA in Loma Linda to CSUSB begins! See pg. 18 for sbX route map and service span.

You can view a PDF of the  Omnitrans system map here.

3 responses to “Spring Bus Book and Service Changes

  1. I just saw in the new bus book that you are stopping the 7 route at Cal State later this month. I can’t believe this! What about all the people who live between Cal State and Palm?! I live at Kendall and Palm. I am 54 and I am a full-time student at Cal State San Bernardino. I also have no other form of transportation other than the bus. Lately I have had many medical issues, which I have been getting tested for, and the doctors are saying may be MS. How am I supposed to bet back and forth to class now?? This is ridiculous! It is already hard enough to schedule everything early enough to get home before the last bus at 7:40, but now there will be no bus stop at all. Thanks Omnitrans.

  2. Hi Cindy. The Route 2 and sbX are continuing to travel to Kendall and Palm and the result should be much more frequent service and longer hours on weekdays and weekends that Route 7 provides now. On Route 2, which is extended to Kendall and Palm from CSUSB has the last bus depart at 10:37 on weekdays much later than the last northbound departure on Route 7, which is currently at 7:34.

  3. will the route #2 bus now follow the route #7 buses full northern route thru Verdemonte hills like up kendall to pine then down ohio to palm or will people now need to walk from the kendall /Palm stop all they way up palm . That’s close to a mile walking up palm ave which is a steep incline to any of the houses in that area . Walking up that direction in inclement weather is really not going to be fun at all

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