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Omnitrans spotlighted in USA Today

In this morning’s issue of USA Today, reporter Larry Copeland did a feature story on the growing use of alternative fuels by public transit agencies.

The article highlights Omnitrans as an industry leader in the use of compressed natural gas.  The agency began transitioning its fleet to CNG fuel as early as 1997 and by the end of this month will have surpassed 100 million CNG miles.  LA Metro and Flint Mass Transportation Authority are also included as strong supporters of alternative fuel.

Click here to read the full story.

Omni Kids Go Green!

Tori B. shared this colorful bus with us, complete with driver and passengers. We love the green leaf on the wheel!

At Omnitrans, we support our environment by going green wherever possible. Our bus fleet runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of diesel which reduces particulate matter (PM) emissions by more than 80%. Our agencey Green Team is constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to help our offices reduce, reuse and recycle.

Recently children of some of our employees sent us drawings they made that showed Omnitrans as an earth-friendly agency. We thought we’d share them with you. Enjoy!

Has your child created an Omnitrans themed drawing? We’d love to see it. You can share with us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/omnitrans or email us at juno.carlson@omnitrans.org.

Samantha G. shows how Omnitrans green practices are helping to create a happy and environmentally healthy world.


Tori B. turned our new logo into a nicely rounded tree!Tori B. also came up with her own green-themed “O” for “Omnitrans.”