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Bus stop QR codes offer live arrival times

Omnitrans new bus stop QR codesOur Stops & Stations guys have been hard at work installing two new signs at each of our stops, beginning in the Fontana area. A new bus stop sign with the Omnitrans logo and Route number is located at the top of each pole. The lower part of the pole now displays our new NexTrip sign with information on how to get real-time bus arrival predictions via text, website or phone.

The NexTrip sign also contains a QR code prominently featured in the bottom right corner. If you have a QR code/barcode scanner app on your cell phone, you can simply scan the code for instant bus arrival information. Free QR code/barcode scanning apps are available on iTunes and Google Play.

Check out the video above for a quick tutorial on how to use our new bus stop QR codes. Happy scanning!

Now you can find all the Omnitrans info you need right at your fingertips! Download the free Omnitrans app from iTunes or Google Play. It includes the NexTrip app, current detour information, bus book, social sites and more!

Bus shelter rehabilitation project continues

The Omnitrans bus shelter rehabilitation project continues. Crews are working on 365 bus shelters and 287 benches throughout the service area, like this one  on Redlands Boulevard and  Orange Avenue at the Redlands Mall.

The colors of each shelter will remain the same, but will be freshened up with a new coat of paint.  Although they will be cordoned off with cones, caution tape and wet paint signs during the process, the stops will remain open. Our drivers will be on the lookout for passengers at these zones, so please position yourself so you can be easily spotted.

Bus stop worker helps riders get tech savvy

Recently many of our early morning passengers have received unexpected assistance from a friendly man in orange. Stops & Stations worker, John Martinez, is a huge fan of our new NexTrip real time bus arrival prediction system and has helped several of our senior riders utilize the new technology.

“A lot of them are surprised to see me pull up and start talking to them about NexTrip,” admits John chuckling. “Sometimes I’ll see someone waiting at a stop early in the morning, and I know that that route doesn’t even begin for another hour. I can’t just leave them standing there without doing something. So I pull over the truck and let them know. Since I always have my cell with me, I take the time to show them the NextTrip app and how simple it is to use.”

Because many seniors have regular cellphones as opposed to smart devices, he works with them on how to use the voice or text feature. “I program the number into their contacts list to make it easy for them to pull up when they need it. Then all they have to do is enter the stop number to have bus arrival info sent to their phone. Then I sit with them so they can practice a few times to get their confidence up. Once they try it, they really like it.”

“One of the passengers I meet on the Route 19 commutes every day from Cal State University to the heart surgery center on Barton Road where she works. She didn’t have a smart phone, but she got so excited by NexTrip that she went out and purchased one from Virgin Mobile for $30 a month—just so she could use the NextTrip app,” he shakes his head and smiles. “She’s a terrific lady and is really looking forward to riding the sbX rapid transit when service starts next year.”

John says he uses NexTrip religiously every day to track bus movements along the routes. “When I’m servicing stops, I try to bounce in between buses so I’m out of the way. It helps when I can see where buses currently are on a live map so I can work around them.”

John is part of the early squad. His workday starts at 4:00 a.m. and ends around 12:30. Afterwards he has just enough time to shower, eat and get in a quick nap before coaching. “I have fun with it, and it keeps me out of my wife’s hair,” he laughs. “Right now, I’m coaching high school football from about 3:00-5:30 and then Pop Warner football from 6:00-8:30. I stay pretty busy, but I’m used to it.”

A former production foreman and Marine Corps training instructor, John enjoys working for Omnitrans and plans to stay here until he retires. “I prefer being outdoors, I like the hours and it gives me the chance to get to know our passengers. Everyone has a different story to tell.”

“I see a lot of people out here at the stops at 4:00 a.m. waiting for buses. If we didn’t run that early, they would probably be unemployed. It really makes you aware of how important the bus system is and the impact it has on people.”

More and more passengers are turning to NexTrip to get live bus arrival information and alerts on disruptions to their routes. To learn more about NexTrip and try it for yourself, visit us online at http://www.omnitrans.org/nextrip.

– Juno Kughler Carlson

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January Bus Book & Service Changes

The Omnitrans January 2013 Bus Book  is now available and features new service changes that will take effect on January 7th. 

  • Route 66:  Minor changes have been made to the weekday schedule, with the 5:24 westbound AM trip at Foothill and Grove adjusted for easier transfers to the Foothill Silver Streak.
  • Route 82:  Minor changes have been made to the weekday and weekend schedules.
  • Route 365:  The first two morning trips leaving Chino Transit Center have been shifted by 10 minutes on weekend service.

For more details, view our online version.  Print copies of the new bus book will be distributed to our buses tomorrow, December 28th.

Alternate bus stops planned due to construction

Several new areas of the SbX corridor will be starting construction on Monday, June 18th.

Alternate stops planned for Cal State San Bernardino
Construction will be starting at Cal State San Bernardino which will cause the temporary closure of our bus stop. On Monday, we will adjust our stop to an area in front of the Coyote Book Store.  The stop will only be at this location for one week, and we will relocate to an area on Coyote Way near the Student Fitness Center and Jack Brown Building.  We will be at this location until the end of September or sooner if access is permitted back at the original stop area.

Alternate stops planned along E Street
Construction activities will also be starting on E Street between Orange Show Road and Hospitality Lane.  Bus stops in both directions at E Street & Orange Show Road and E Street & Century will be out of service.  We will have stops in both directions at E Street & Chandler.  Our bus stops further south at E Street & McKay will remain in service.

We will also provide an adjusted stop at E Street & Orange Show Road to serve the northbound E Street & Orange Show Road closed stop.  E Street & Orange Show Road, southbound, will need to use either the preceding stop at E Street & South Mall or our temporary stop at E Street & Chandler.

For Omnitrans bus information call toll-free 800-966-6428.

For the sbX Project Helpline call toll-free 855-729-6397

Omnitrans to install 100 new solar lights at bus stops

Omnitrans has purchased 100 solar light fixtures to install at selected bus stops throughout its service area.

The lighting fixture attaches to the top of an individual bus stop pole and illuminates an area of about 6 feet around the base.  No push button activation is required.  It comes on automatically at dusk and turns off in 6 hours.  Each day it recalibrates itself to turn back on about 2 hours before sunrise.

If you know of a particular stop where lighting is need, please let us know by posting the location and stop number in the comments below.