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Nurse retrieves lost wallet, pays it forward

Omnitrans was able to reunite Nurse Jeannette Schmidt with the wallet she lost 6 months prior

Yet another lost wallet story had a happy ending this month. After trying since November to locate the owner, we were finally able to track down Nurse Jeannette Schmidt. I had a chance to meet up with her when she dropped by the office this morning to pick up her wallet.

“I had no idea when or where I lost it,” she admitted. “And it never occurred to me to check with Omnitrans. I honestly thought that I would never see it again and had forgotten all about it. I was so surprised when you found me! Thank you for not giving up!”

Then Jeannette surprised me by telling me her plan to pay it forward by donating the $280 cash that was in the wallet.

“I figure if I haven’t had the money for this long, then I don’t really need it. I think I will just donate part of it to my little church school where I grew up and part to ADRA, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency. They work to provide disaster relief and assistance to communities here and around the world.”

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet Jeannette. What an amazing woman to have working in our community!

Omnitrans rider loses wallet on bus 3 times–and gets it back!

Omnitrans passenger recovers lost wallet 3 times

Omnitrans Route 22 passenger Federico Gante has lost his wallet on the bus three times in the past four weeks. Each time it was found and turned in by someone on the bus.

“I don’t know how it keeps happening. I put it into my back pocket, and I guess it comes out of there,” he laughs. “I’m switching to another pocket now.”

Federico has been riding Omnitrans since he came here from Arizona back in February. He takes the bus every day to his job at  Papa Johns over on Pepper and San Bernardino.  

“I’m the Dough Master,” he grins. “Anytime you order a pizza, I’m the guy that makes it for you.”

If you happen to see Federico on Route 22, be sure to say hi and remind him to check his pocket before leaving the bus!

– Juno Kughler Carlson