Omnitrans gets New Flyer Xcelsior model buses

Here’s a sneak peek at the New Flyer Xcelsior model bus. Omnitrans has 20 of these currently on order. Click here to view the entire album on Flickr.

Why are they white?  Omnitrans is rebranding its fleet with a new look to be unveiled in August! Stay tuned for details.

12 thoughts on “Omnitrans gets New Flyer Xcelsior model buses

  1. Great, some XN40’s are being brought to the I.E! Since only 20 are coming in, is Omnitrans fleet going to lower in number (is it due to the incoming XN60’s?), or are they being replaced at a later date (i.e. staying the same, or increasing). Is the current fleet being repainted? Details are much appriciated.

    And regarding the new look, is Omnitrans rebranding? If so, are you removing the Omnitrans name, or is it just a new paint scheme(s)? Thanks for replying.

    1. Hi Oracio, These new buses will be introduced to the fleet a little at a time starting next month, They will be replacing older vehicles that are scheduled for retirement, so the actual number of buses in our fleet will remain the same.

      We are rebranding our look and our logo, but the Omnitrans name will remain the same. The new look will apply to our entire fleet (and to our mascot Buster!) and will be unveiled sometime in mid-August. More details will be released closer to the date, so stay tuned!

  2. Hey wanted to see if the buses will still hold the same amount of bicycles or more…because its an inconvenience to wait for the bus and find out you can’t ride because its full??

  3. Wow, they look awesome.Hope they are roomy, wide isles, and have comfy seats. Because I don’t know what happened to the new buses you guys had sometime in 2006-2008, you guys don’t have them anymore but let me tell you those isles were SMALL, so were the seats, and they was always crowded. Glad you got rid of them. Can’t wait to ride 🙂

    1. Hi Israel, I’m not sure yet where these buses will be placed. They will be replacing older vehicles that are due for retirement. If you get a chance, fill out our “Tell Us” form and let the customer service folks know about the overcrowding. This way your comments go directly into the system and get to the correct person. You’ll also receive followup from Omnitrans to let you know how the issue was resolved. Here’s the link.

  4. Culver City Bus has 20 of the Xcelsior buses (in Culver City green) in service now.
    As a regular Culver City rider they have been well received.

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