Aaron Moore to Lead Special Transportation Services Department

This month, we are happy to welcome Aaron Moore to Omnitrans as Director of Special Transportation Services (STS)! Aaron succeeds current director Douglas Stanley, who will retire in August after 30 years at Omnitrans.

“We are fortunate to have Aaron on board. He brings tremendous experience in developing and managing successful special transportation programs in the region,” said Omnitrans CEO/General Manager P. Scott Graham.

A seasoned transit professional, Aaron most recently served at Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) as the Mobility Manager and Consolidated Transportation Service Agency Director. In his new role at Omnitrans, Aaron will oversee 14 employees, the contracts which deliver Access and OmniGo services, as well as manage programs for seniors and persons with disabilities. Such programs include: travel training, the volunteer driver reimbursement program, taxi/LYFT subsidy program, and paratransit eligibility certification.

“My favorite part of the work I do in public transit is helping people and seeing the positive effects of the programs which I help to create and operate are having on improving the quality of life for people,” said Moore. “Though many served by our programs are from the vulnerable demographics, public transit has the potential to be a benefit to everyone in the community and also to the environment.”

Welcome aboard, Aaron! To learn more about our STS department, and how qualifying riders can take advantage of programs offered, visit Omnitrans.org.

5 thoughts on “Aaron Moore to Lead Special Transportation Services Department

  1. Hello Mr Moore I need to speak with you about
    My husband being dropped off last night at 11:00 pm last night I tried getting a hold of Fran Kross there was no answer from him again it went straight to voicemail again

  2. I am a Senior Citizen and I ride the Omni 85 bus periodically. I am not able to go out in extreme heat and my son shops and runs errands for me. My son is also a Senior Citizen and he rides the Omni 85 bus almost every day because we don’t have a car. The weekend schedule is especially difficult because the buses run once an hour and the last bus going north is 6:00 p.m. Now the fare has increased to ,75 cents for the 85 bus and.10 cents for Access. The service for the 85 bus and Access is poor. With the service that is rendered by the 85 bus and Omni Access,the fares should have decreased. My son is my PCA for Omni Access and on one occasion, we were on the Access bus for 3 hours. Los Angeles and other regions of Access have contracted cabs to assist them. If Omni Access Can’t handle the load, may be the company should consider contracting out to the cab companies. I don’t mind paying the monetary increase, but the service should qualify for an increase.

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