An Omnitrans “Found” Story

DSC_0372Tiffany Holsomboch is awesome. At least her ex-boyfriend’s mom thinks so. She gave Tiffany a pretty fabulous spiked purse with a ring clasp as an early birthday gift about a week ago. So naturally Tiffany felt horrible when she accidentally lost the gift on the bus.

Tuesday night, she was riding the last Omnitrans Route 8 bus of the day. She had placed her purse on the seat beside her with her backpack on top of it. When she disembarked, she grabbed her pack and completely forgot about the purse.

Coach Operator David Castillo found the purse when he did his final bus check at the end of his run and turned it in to our Lost & Found.

I met Tiffany in the Omnitrans lobby where she was waiting to retrieve the lost item. “If nothing’s been touched,” she told us, “There should be a Hot Topic card, my Kickback card, Cingular cigarettes, a lighter and debit card in there”

DSC_0371She shrugs and laughs. “There’s only about 50 cents available on the card. So it’s not so bad.”

Tiffany finishes up her paperwork with the receptionist and takes her purse from the counter. “Here we go,” she says and opens it to look inside. She raises her head with a big grin and gives me a thumbs-up. “It’s all there!”

I congratulate her and admire the spiky black clutch with its long shoulder chain. “Oh you have to see the best part!” Tiffany exclaims. She slides her fingers inside the ring clasp at the top and poses while I grab a quick photo. Fun!

Happy birthday, Tiffany!  Here’s to happy endings, cool ex-mothers-in law, and good Samaritan coach operators.


– Juno Kughler Carlson


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