Bus couple reaches100 commendations

Some of you may remember Omnitrans regulars Herman and Patricia Aldridge. This husband and wife  team likes to catch coach operators in a random act of kindness. Every couple of weeks they stop by our office to write commendations for drivers they see making a difference in the community. Today they officially surpassed 100 driver commendations.

“One hundred and five to be exact,” laughs Patricia. “And I know all their names!”

The two became inspired to document do-gooders after their very first bus ride together. Diabetic and confined to a wheelchair,  Herman had previously spent 3 1/2 years completely housebound and afraid to go out in public until Patricia convinced him to try traveling on the bus with her.  Their coach operator, Frank Uribe, was so friendly that day and made them feel so comfortable that they’ve been riding ever since.

Today the couple is treating themselves to a “date day” of bus riding adventure.

“We don’t have any real plan of what we’re going to do,” says Herman. “We’re just going to go for a ride along different routes, visit some of our favorite drivers and see where we end up.”

He and Patricia smile at each other and squeeze hands. Spontaneity suits them just fine. They know it’s the little  things in life that are often the most special.

“Besides,” says Patricia. “We need more commendations to write!”

– Juno Kughler Carlson

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