Bus Fares Changing September 2

For the first time in five years, Omnitrans is implementing a bus fare change, effective Monday, September 2, 2019.

Omnitrans is committed to providing an affordable transportation option for residents and visitors in the San Bernardino Valley. In order to maintain bus service levels as operating costs rise, the new fares (below) will go into effect for single rides and bus passes valid on Omnitrans local routes, Freeway Express routes, OmniGo shuttles, sbX rapid transit, and Access ADA paratransit.

Passes purchased before September 2 will remain valid until their expiration date. In fact, we recommend you pre-purchase bus passes now at their current prices if you’d like to save a bit of cash!

For bus pass purchases online, visit our Omnitrans e-store, or go paper with mobile fares on the free Token Transit app. Bus passes may also be purchased in person at pass outlets or at the San Bernardino Transit Center.

Onboard 7-Day Pass Sales
To speed up the boarding process, 7-Day Passes will no longer be sold onboard. 7-Day Passes are available at the San Bernardino Transit Center, pass outlets, and on the Token Transit mobile fare app.

13 thoughts on “Bus Fares Changing September 2

  1. I’m trying to find the new fare prices,but this page has some kind of HTML code error that results in ..ninja_tables id=”13577″.. and the fares don’t show. Also the new bus book isn’t available to view. Please fix so the information is available to the riding public?

  2. It says “the new fares (below) will go into effect for single rides and bus passes valid on….but there are no new or any fares listed below.

  3. how did you come up with these prices for the fares? we appreciate the bus but $2 is just too much , especially because most of us take multiple buses! spending $6 bucks either alone or for each bus is ridiculous!

  4. People who cover route 325 are rude and disrespectful not original drivers but the drivers who cover them when they are sick or for whatever personal reason..they dont know the route ..they dont wait at their time point . I have even heard complaining coming from supervisors I feel like if u dont want to drive and just want to sit on your ass all day at the office then this job isnt for them .all the supervisors are immature and need to grow up.

  5. San Bernardino is the poorest City in California along with The Highest Crime in California. I’d like to understand how it is that Omnitrans is in anyway supportive of its city’s. Aside from being some of the most tired and rude drivers you increase your fare. I could have sworn the beginning of your pages states the changes were made to help Custer’s with affordable rides and Omni also shows how they go against their own word. I am a student. Your prices are by far some of the most ridiculous I’ve ever had to pay to transport on public transportation.

    Not Satisfied

    1. Hi Cristina. Thank you for reaching out to us. What’s your grade level? Perhaps we can help figure out some savings opportunities for you.

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