Bus Rider Pays It Forward to Veterans

What do you do when you have a great public transit experience? If you’re Marcus Garcia, you pay it forward to help others.

Last fall the Chaffey nursing student was inspired by a conversation with an Omnitrans coach operator in West Valley who donates chicken dinners to families in need at his church. Marcus  wanted to find his own creative way to give back to the community and thought about the things that had made the biggest difference in his own life.

“I spend a lot of time of the bus going to and from college and  my job at the Bass Pro Shop.,” he told us, “Sometimes I might take 8 to 10 buses in one day. As a Chaffey College student, I am able to take advantage of the Omnitrans Go Smart college pass program that allows me to ride for free with my student ID.  It’s really helped  me  and made me want to pass that opportunity along to others.”

Marcus generously purchased 50 Omnitrans senior/disabled bus passes for donation. These passes are being distributed to various organizations in the Omnitrans service area to benefit veterans and others in need.

Marcus especially liked the idea of reaching out to veterans. He had talked with many of them who regularly took the bus from Montclair  to the Loma Linda veterans hospital. “It’s a long trip for these guys to get to a doctor appointment at the VA. And if it wasn’t for public transit, many of them would not have the freedom to get around at all. This was a way I could show my support and help make a difference to these people who have given so much.”

– Juno Kughler Carlson

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2 thoughts on “Bus Rider Pays It Forward to Veterans

  1. I commend you for your actions Marcus Garcia ! Many Vets I am sure will benefit from your actions and for this I am sure you will continued to be inspired and Blessed !

  2. I ride Route 66 all the time and I bet I have seen Marcus. I volunteer at Victoria Gardens. I am just around the corner from Bass Pro Shop. Marcus do not be surprised if I stop by and a little gift of appreciation is waiting for you…:) Thx, Marcus…you’re one of God’s angels.

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