Bus shelter rehabilitation project continues

The Omnitrans bus shelter rehabilitation project continues. Crews are working on 365 bus shelters and 287 benches throughout the service area, like this one  on Redlands Boulevard and  Orange Avenue at the Redlands Mall.

The colors of each shelter will remain the same, but will be freshened up with a new coat of paint.  Although they will be cordoned off with cones, caution tape and wet paint signs during the process, the stops will remain open. Our drivers will be on the lookout for passengers at these zones, so please position yourself so you can be easily spotted.

5 thoughts on “Bus shelter rehabilitation project continues

  1. i catch the bus on vineyard and 7th. there is no bench there at all.. in fact there no side walk were the bus stops.. i am disable and have trip on the rocks, dirt and the weeds .. perhaps you can find a way to fix some of the stops that don’t even have a walk way to the bus.

    1. Hi Angela, I can see what you’re talking about. Between the sidewalk and the curb it’s a bit rocky. The property belongs to the City of Ontario, so they would be the ones to talk to about that improvement.

      Right now we don’t have any extra benches, but I’ve passed your request on to our Stops and Stations Supervisor. When benches do become available, they are installed at stops based upon volume of traffic. There also must be a 48″ concrete clearance around the bench to allow for clear passage.

  2. I use line 80 heavily and the stop at Carnelian and Avalon in Alta Loma needs to have a light to illuminate the sign. Many times after dark, there have been instances where the drivers pass it all together or attempt to stop in an abrupt manner. What is the process of requesting a light for the bus stop?

    1. The “contact us” form on our website goes directly to our customer service team who will ensure your request gets to the right department. They will also follow up with you to see if the matter was resolved. I will forward your comment to our Stops and Stations Supervisor and let him know about the issue. Thanks for letting us know, and have a great weekend!

    2. Hi Leo. Stops and Stations just installed a solar curb marker at this bus stop to mark the zone for the drivers. Hopefully this will help with the problem of darkness at this particular zone. Passengers will still need to be sure to make themselves visible to the driver. Thanks for bringing the problem to our attention, and have a great week!

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