Buses not in service on Labor Day

Oomnitrans - no bus service on labor daymnitrans offices will be closed and buses will not be running on Monday, September 7th for the Labor Day holiday. Our offices will reopen and buses will resume operation on Tuesday, September 8th.

Please keep in mind that Omnitrans service changes go into effect on September 8th. You can plan ahead with our Guide to September Service Changes which features the new bus book, detailed route information, and helpful links.


One thought on “Buses not in service on Labor Day

  1. I have been driving around looking for the new bus stop signs specifically for route 85 and they are not up yet. When will these be up? September 8th is 5 days away. I need to know where my stop is going to be? My specific interest is 85 headed Southbound from Chaffey College Rancho, I see that it turns East bound on Banyan, where is the first stop on Banyan located? I really need to know. Please reply as soon as possible.

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