Buster’s Destinations: Fontana Sunset Concert Series

After last week’s successful foray into the wet and wild Regional Park in Yucaipa, Buster was ready for another fun summer destination. He’d heard about the Fontana Sunset Concert Series, happening Thursday nights, 7 – 9 PM through August 2nd at Miller Park Amphitheater. What better way to spend a hot summer night than listening to some cool tunes with a few friends? So he hopped on the Route 14 and headed west. It took only 40 minutes, allowing ample time for Buster to crank up his Metallica and Air Supply tunes on his iPod. He hopped off the bus at Spring and Sierra Streets and moonwalked to the Miller Park Amphitheater, located at 17004 Arrow Blvd.

Now, when it comes to dancing, most of us would say we are one of three types: Love to Dance, Hate To Dance, Dance Only When Having An Adult Beverage or an Energy Drink. Buster is definitely the Loves to Dance type, no beverages needed.

As the sun dropped lower in the sky, Buster began to showcase his dance moves: The Mashed Potato, the Electric Slide and the Helicopter. There was a minor mishap when he attempted to “Walk the Dog” and landed with four wheels to the night sky. Undaunted, Buster dusted the grass off his tailpipe and continued grooving, saving his newest move, “The Windshield Wiper,” for his encore. The evening’s festivities ended with Buster doing the Macarena with a group of feisty senior citizens.

He made a note to himself to visit Fontana parks again this summer for more festivities. After the concert, Buster caught Omni Route 14 back home. As he settled into the busyard that night, one last thought ran though his bus brain as he was drifting off to sleep: MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice don’t have anything on me.

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–Janice Kuhn

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