Buster’s Destinations: Yucaipa Regional Park

Looking for something fun to do this summer, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on gas?  Let Buster be your guide!  As part of our month-long Dump the Pump celebration we’ll feature a different destination chosen by Buster, and show you how much you can save by using Omnitrans to get there.

With the recent surge in temperatures, Buster was just itching to dip his toes, er tires, into the cool lakes of Yucaipa Regional Park.  He boarded Omnitrans Route 14 on Fifth Street in San Bernardino and could almost feel the cool mountain breezes wafting off the lake, and feel the sunshine on his 100% polyester blend mascot suit.    How many fish would he catch?  Where would put his beach chair?  How soon could he dip into his cooler and eat his carefully packed lunch of 10-40 oil and steel bolts? Oh, the anticipation.

After transferring to Route 8 at the 4th Street Transfer Center, and transferring again at the Yucaipa Transit Center to OmniGo 310, the trip to Yucaipa seemed to take no time all.  Buster passed the time by catching up on his summer reading Popular Mechanics.

He arrived at the lake and cast out his fishing line with his little mascot hands, which is hard to do if you only have 4 gloved digits.  After plunking down his beach chair he took a long snooze on the shore.

When he woke up he had a bright idea.  How about a hike?  The long off-season of mascot inactivity can take it’s toll on even the most rectangular mascot physique.  Thank goodness the Yucaipa Regional Park is home to some great hiking trails.  After reeling in his trout catches for the day, Buster hit the trail.  Spotted on the trail:  1 skunk, 4 squirrels who tried to make a den in his rear tire well, and some nice hikers.

Mindful of the OmniGo 310 hourly service schedule, Buster made sure to leave in plenty of time to connect to Route 8 back to San Bernardino.  He made it in time to get his nightly bus wash, regaling the big buses with tales of “the one that got away.”  And as he rested his weary little tires for the night, he vowed that next time, he would do a cannonball into the lake.

Omnitrans is pleased to participate in the 7th Annual National Dump the Pump Day on Thursday, June 21. Dump the Pump is sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association to encourage the public to give up their car for the day and use public transportation. In recognition of Dump the Pump day, Omnitrans will offer free rides on all fixed routes on June 21 (free ride coupon required). To download your free ride coupon, visit us on omnitrans.org.

–Janice Kuhn

2 thoughts on “Buster’s Destinations: Yucaipa Regional Park

  1. Love it Buster, But you should link the routes! I suggest going to something in North San Bernardino now! Diversify your directions!

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