Center road work on South E Street

Crews work on paving the southbound lane on E Street near the Regal Cinemas in Downtown San Bernardino.

As part of the Omnitrans sbX Bus Rapid Transit Line Construction Project, street improvements are currently being made along the middle portion of E Street between 6th Street in Downtown San Bernardino and Hospitality Lane.

Just last week, asphalt pavement improvements were completed on time between Mill Street and Orange Show Road. Additionally, the area nearest the curb in the southbound direction on E Street was also paved between 6th Street and 2nd Street. In the coming weeks, a new concrete sidewalk will be poured on the west side of the street near Court Street in Downtown.

Paving on E Street between Mill Street and Orange Show Road was completed on time and opened up on February 15.

This week, center area work began on E Street between Orange Show Road and Hospitality Lane in which crews remove the old section of road and will pave the street with new asphalt. This work is expected to be completed the first week of March 2013, weather permitting. Crews are working during the day with some activities at night.

– Robert Chevez

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