Chaffey Offers New Club for Student Veterans

In fall of 2011, Chaffey Community College partnered with Omnitrans to bring the Go Smart program to its college campus, making it possible for students to take unlimited rides on Omnitrans for a per-semester fee of less than $10.

Now Chaffey is taking the lead in another exciting new program. This semester, in an effort to support the veteran branch of its student population, the Chaffey College Veterans Club was formed. The club is an opportunity for members to collaborate on activities and projects, as well as learn about other groups on campus they can get involved with.

“It lets other students see that our vets have a lot to offer,” said the club’s faculty advisor Daniel Keener. “As an English teacher, I had a lot of vets coming to class and writing narratives about their experiences. I had never been exposed to that before. They had very powerful stories to tell and needed help finding their voice. The Chaffey College Veterans Club provides a supportive environment to explore that.”

This month the club has several student activities planned:

  • November 12th – One Book, One College in partnership with Associated Students of Chaffey College (ASCC) is holding a celebration/recognition for our veterans. Event will be held on campus at the Wignall Museum from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.
  • November 13th – One Book, One College, headed by Professor Julie LaMay, will be hosting several Vietnam War veterans who will give round table discussions about their experiences during the war. Event will be held on campus at the Wignall Museum from 12:30 to 2 p.m.
  • November 14th – Club faculty advisor Daniel Keener will be hosting a movie screening of The War Tapes, a documentary made by soldiers during their deployment in Iraq.

“This is a really great bunch of people,” said Keener. “And we have a lot of fun together. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about life from their stories. When you go through what some of them have been through, it’s incredibly difficult to come back from that to a mundane everyday existence. It’s doubly hard for this group, because they are transitioning not only to civilian life, but to student life as well. I like being there for them on that journey.”

For more information on the Chaffey College Veterans Club and their activities, contact Daniel Keener at


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