Civic Center Station: before and after

sbx civic center station before
Click to see time lapse photos of the construction of the Civic Center Station over the past 6 months.

With the upcoming launch of our sbX rapid transit service on April 28th, we thought it might be fun to look back to see how far we’ve come. Click the photo above for time lapse photos of the construction of the sbX Civic Center Station taken over the past six months. Photos were shot from the pedestrian bridge near E Street and Court Street in Downtown San Bernardino.

We’ve definitely come a long way! The pictures below give a closer look at the finished station and the surrounding area today.

sbX Civic Center Station
The street has been transformed with a center station platform and dedicated bus lanes.
Carousel st and Court st san bernardino
New railings and landscaping dress up the sidewalks on either side of the station and help prevent pedestrians from jaywalking.
Carousel st and Court st san bernardino
Landscaping and rails along the opposite sidewalk at the Civic Center Station
sbx civic center station
Digital signs show arrival times. Shelter roofs and windscreens protect passengers from wind, rain and sun.
sbX civic center station
Yellow truncated dome pads along the sides of the platform help guide riders with vision impairments
sbx station lights
These small light poles located between railings at the far ends of the station provide lighting along the platform and enhance the landscaped areas.
sbx vehicle at the civic center station
sbX rapid transit vehicle on a test run by the Civic Center Station
sbx  civic center station
Light bars incorporated into the roof of the shelter provide light for evening travelers while the transparent glass windscreens ensures good visibility.
station art paver at sbx civic center station
Along the platform pavement, glazed ceramic tiles by artist Robert Delgardo tell the story of the past and history of the area. The tiles incorporate photo studies of the downtown area, interviews with local residents and research from historical archives.


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