CNG Trivia Contest Winner Dalia Brown

Dalia Brown, the winner of the Omnitrans CNG trivia contest, knows the importance of public transit. When she lived in the Low Desert, she had to take three buses to get to work every day.

“I had to wake up early to make those buses, but for me it was either that, or no work and no money! Eventually I got smart and took my bike with me, which helped eliminate one bus, and I soon had the routine down pat.”

Even though she now has a car, Dalia likes knowing she can fall back on the bus if she ever needs it again. She also passed the experience on to her children.

“I encouraged my kids to use the bus in middle school. I needed them to learn how to use it so they could understand how to ride it once I was taking classes full-time. They did it very reluctantly only to find out they actually have a lot of fun!” she laughs. “They were surprised to find  that a few of their friends ride the bus. And they liked going through streets they hadn’t traveled before–it was sort of like sightseeing for them.”

Omnitrans is offering several other Facebook contests throughout the month of April to celebrate the fact that its fleet has driven 100 million miles with compresses natural gas (CNG) fuel. Our Clean & Green contest features a grand prize of a $100 Target gift card and 100 days of free bus rides. Click here to enter. Entry forms are also available in our April “Connections” onboard newsletter.


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