Construction of final sbX station underway

Construction crews have laid the foundation for a concrete pedestrian ramp at the intersection of E Street and Court Street, which will lead to a station platform in the area of center-running lanes in Downtown San Bernardino; on the right are samples of artistic platform and crosswalk pavers.

Each month it becomes easier to visualize what the final sbX corridor will look like – and the Downtown San Bernardino area is no exception. In October, you’ll see an increase in construction as work is now underway at the final sbX station at Court and E streets. Located in the heart of Downtown, this station will serve as a key stop for those visiting City Hall, grabbing a bite to eat at local favorite Molly’s Cafe or catching a movie at Regal San Bernardino Stadium 14 & RPX.

In the coming weeks and month, construction crews will focus on building the station platform. You’ll see a steel and concrete framework built to support the steel canopy of the station. Paving crews will then work on a pedestrian walkway from the station to the intersection and installing concrete tile on the platform. Other milestones in the Downtown area will include the completion of center-lane paving, the patterned-pedestrian crosswalks and new landscaping. It’s all coming together for the start of service in April 2014!

-Kelly Koehler


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