Counting down to the 1 millionth Go Smart Rider!

The countdown has begun to find the one millionth Go Smart rider. We know roughly when we will find that special person. We even have an idea of the general area to look. But we don’t know yet who it is. Could it be you?

Buster and his Omnitrans crew will be waiting at a super secret bus shelter for the final countdown with balloons and special gifts. And no, we are not going to tell you the gifts. It’s a surprise. Anyway, stayed tuned  for more info.

Since its inception, the Go Smart program has provided hundreds of thousands of trips for college students in San Bernardino county. After all, getting unlimited rides with your student ID is easy, inexpensive and just plain smart. And the fact that you can get your studying done during the ride gives you more time to enjoy those other things you’d rather be doing when you get home. Score!

So kudos to you one millionth rider, whoever you are. And to all you other savvy Go Smart students. We’re glad to have you along for the ride!

When and where will we find our one millionth rider? Stay tuned for more info!

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