CSUSB and E Street Work Moves Forward

Crews recently installed concrete pavers at the CSUSB sbX station, adding a visual design element to the platform.

Construction activities have picked up at the California State University, San Bernardino sbX station. Most notably the concrete pavers, which are an aesthetic element of the station, have been installed at the station platform. Platform lighting work and service for the electrical components at the station are ongoing. Irrigation and landscaping activities are scheduled for the following weeks.

Moving south along the corridor to E Street, asphalt paving crews are expected to work at the Marshall Boulevard and E Street intersection at the end of April, weather permitting. This work will include the final cap of asphalt and will improve the road conditions resulting in a smoother drive.

Concrete planters at center-running lane stations will create a pedestrian path to crosswalks at signalized intersections.

In the Downtown San Bernardino area, work between 6th Street and 2nd Street will shift to the east side of E Street at the end of April. Parking restrictions will be in place so crews can work on the new sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

Center-running lane station work on E Street at Rialto Avenue and North Mall Way is also moving forward. Concrete planter walls are being built at each station. These planters line both sides of the pedestrian walkway and will guide riders to the intersection for safe crossing using the light signals.

-Robert Chevez

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