E Street Center-Lane, Station Work Continues

Asphalt is laid on the area of center-running lanes on E Street at 10th Street north of downtown San Bernardino.

During the past few weeks, crews have been working daily on E Street in the center-running lane area between Rialto Ave and just north of 10th Street to reinforce the road. Several layers of support have been placed with an intermediate top layer of asphalt. A final layer of asphalt will be placed in the coming months so there is a smooth and even driving road for motorists.

Paver and handrails installed on North Mall Way station platform.

Work also has begun on the final sbX station in San Bernardino at Baseline Street and E Street. Construction activities for the northbound station are in full swing for the coming months. Crews are working rapidly on the station structure so that the new sidewalk can be built and opened to pedestrians.

On the south end of E Street, a safety handrail has been placed on both sides of the pedestrian walkway at the North Mall Way sbX station. This provides the public an idea of the features that will be installed at other center-running-lane stations on the corridor.

-Kelly Koehler


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