E Street Medians Create Corridor Changes

Recently, crews built sections of median curbs along E Street at non-signalized three-way intersections. These barricades were installed for the safety of the motoring public to keep vehicles from driving across dedicated center-running lanes where the sbX Bus Rapid Transit line will operate.

E Street median curbs have been placed at MacKay Drive, Century Avenue, Orange Show Lane, Oak Street, Athol Street (near San Manuel Stadium), and a small area just north of Rialto Avenue. These are similar to the median curbs built earlier this year on Hospitality Lane at Sunwest Lane, Diners Court and Business Center Drive.

Safety barriers can be a bit tricky to get used to at first. They will require route adjustments for some people to reach their destination. To help motorists get to their destinations, a special map has been created indicating where u turns along the sbX corridor eventually will be allowed. Please click here  to view the u-turn map.

Signalized u turns will be located throughout a 5.4-mile stretch of buses running in exclusive lanes on E Street between 10th Street and Hospitality Lane; and on Hospitality Lane between E Street and Tippecanoe Avenue.

-Kelly Koehler


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