Eye-catching sbX station art installations

Art installations have begun at several of the sbX rapid transit stations. Here’s a look at a few of the striking pieces you’ll see along the E-Street corridor.

First free-standing public art installed on the E-Street corridor is a structural monument at the sbX station at North Mall Way, a tribute to the National Orange Show Events Center, by artist Kyung-Mi Shin.
Stainless-steel sculptural marker referencing proton therapy and orange blossoms awaits mounting at Anderson Street at Prospect Street. — at Loma Linda University Medical Center.
Red and white stripes adorn a blue pole at sbX southern terminus station at Benton Street and Barton Road. Eventually stars will be added, along with dog tags streaming down the pole as a tribute to our veterans. — at VA Loma Linda Healthcare System.
Artist Leticia Huerta designed the art for the Kendall Drive stations (theme: Natural Histories) — in San Bernardino, CA.

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