For the First Time Ever, Omnitrans Coach Reaches 1 Million Miles Traveled

For the first time in Omnitrans history, a coach has racked up 1,000,000 service miles! In September, Omnitrans coach #0108, a 2001 New Flyer C40LF, reached this unheard of milestone after years in our bus fleet.

Coach #0108 has reliably served San Bernardino Valley residents over the years, having been repowered at midlife with a new John Deere engine. “We have never had any bus with this much longevity,” said Maintenance Manager Omar Bryant. “Having a bus safely operate and remain in good condition for over a million miles is a testament to the good work of the maintenance team and their dedication to keeping buses running properly and well-maintained.”

Needless to say, #0108 has had a great, long-lasting run! It will be retired later this fall when 23 new buses join our fleet.

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