Get A Free Bus Ride for Your Birthday


Thanks for your interest in the Omnitrans Free Birthday Pass. This promotion ended on December 28, 2012. For news, promotions, and bus schedule information, please visit our website at

22 thoughts on “Get A Free Bus Ride for Your Birthday

  1. I’ve been an very loyal rider of omnitrans?for over 30 something years already,and today I still ride the finest bus company in the world,nobody even comes close too your services…. I LOVE OMNITRANS BUS COMPANY……

  2. I have signed up for the Birthday Pass 2 years in a row and I have not received one yet this year. I enjoy riding the Bus as it is very reliable and not expensive. Still I’d like to receive the offer this year. There are 6 days left till my Birthday !!! Thanks Omni and it’s safe and courteous drivers !

    1. Hi Peter. I’m sorry there was a previous problem. We will be sending out the birthday pass for your 2013 birthday when you sign up here. You’ll receive a confirmation window once your submission is complete so you’ll know the information was received. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

      1. Thank you for assisting with this in a timely manner. Still enjoying the commute to and from work using Omni Trans ! Thank you !

  3. Aaw the offer expired, i was looking forward riding the bus on my birthday to celebrate with my bestfriend, our birthday is on the 7th.

  4. Thank You Omnitrans to all drivers & Happy Easter coming up to all!
    May you all be safe always!
    Ms. A Grijalva

  5. Where do I sign up to get a free bus pass for my birthday please let me know on omnitrans i would appreciate it I wanna sign up online to get my birthday pass please thank you

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