Get a free Omnitrans bus pass on your birthday!

Thank you Omnitrans riders! We appreciate  having the opportunity to serve your transportation needs.

As a special thank you, we want to give you  a free 1-Day bus pass for your birthday in 2015.  

Simply sign up below before December 31st to let us know your birthday month and mailing address.

6 thoughts on “Get a free Omnitrans bus pass on your birthday!

  1. I,give thanks God for those great ..drivers. Because they are nice and very polite..
    And I keep them in my prayers.. And to all team Workers of Omnitrans.
    Sincerely .your good friend.
    Arturo arrevillaga! God Bless you all

  2. Thank you god, thank you to those that work at omnitrans And even those that don’t work at omnitrans…god bless everyone…:)

  3. It’s always a pleasure riding Omnitrans buses and meeting people
    along the way. Happy New Year to us all!
    P.S. Thanks Omnitrans for the FREE Birthday passes.

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