Transplanted executive relies on iPhone and Omnitrans

New Omnitrans rider, Bert Chancellor moved here from Indiana at the end of January to accept a position with Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Moving from one state to another is a big change, and learning to get around a new city can be challenging. Discovering Omnitrans was a pleasant surprise for this executive.

“Because I didn’t know what kind of transit system was in place here, I used a rental car the first couple of days to scout out the area,” said Bert. “I was pleased to find that there were Omnitrans stops almost everywhere, which made it very easy for me to get wherever I needed to go. After two days, I turned in the rental car and have been using public transit ever since.”

The experience is a big change from what he is used to. “In Indiana, the process was much more difficult,” he explained. “I tried to use the bus service when I could, but there were only four or five routes and the coverage was absolutely terrible. The buses ran once every hour from seven in the morning to six at night. It’s so much easier here to get around.”

A technology buff, Bert also likes the fact that he can use his iPhone to find out route information. “The bus option on Google maps is really useful. I just plug in my location and destination, and it shows me the schedule times and bus stops along that route. It’s much easier than trying to navigate using the bus book. It makes it very simple to plan your route.”

Bert is looking forward to having the family together again this summer. His wife recently joined him and his two teenage boys will be coming out this summer once they are done with school. It’s hard being apart, but the family uses Face Time every night to spend time together and catch up on the day.

His experience with Omnitrans has been so good that Bert has made the decision to just keep one family vehicle and get rid of his second car. “It’s better for the environment, and I like the idea of giving back to my community by not putting another car on the road.”

What will his 16-year-old son think of his decision? Bert laughs, “It is what it is.”

– Juno Kughler Carlson

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2 thoughts on “Transplanted executive relies on iPhone and Omnitrans

  1. Bert should locate near one of the sbX stations when it opens.

    The San Bernardino Valley is only going to get better and better as all these new transit systems are built and as the areas around the future stations become more walkable and interesting.

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