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Proof of Eligibility must be provided each time you purchase an Omnitrans Senior/Disability/Medicare, or Youth bus pass or fare. Proof of eligibility for discounted passes also may be requested at any time by Omnitrans bus drivers. Forms of identification accepted on board include Omnitrans Senior, Disability or ADA Identification cards, Medicare card, high school ID card (for youth), or DMV card (for proof of age).

Youth discount eligibility:

Youth age 18 and under qualify for a discount on selected fares and passes with proof of age or high school ID. Students over age 18 must pay full fare rates, unless they are enrolled at a school, college or university that is participating in the Omnitrans GoSmart program.

Veteran discount eligibility:

Veterans are required to show a valid Veterans ID card while boarding in order to receive discounted fare. Acceptable ID cards include:

Seniors/Disabled/Medicare discount eligibility:

Seniors 62 and older and persons with disabilities qualify for a discounted rate on fares and bus passes. Proof of eligibility such as an Omnitrans Senior ID card and/or Omnitrans Disability ID card is required. Getting an Omnitrans ID Card is easy, and a convenient way to show proof of eligibility.

How to Get a Senior or Disability ID Card
To obtain a Senior or Disability ID card, just fill out an application form and return it along with one of the proofs of eligibility listed below, a wallet sized color photo, and a $2.00 non-refundable processing fee. Forms are available online and at Omnitrans headquarters, 1700 West Fifth Street, San Bernardino, CA 92411.

Proof of Eligibility
If you are a senior (over age 62), you will need one of the following forms of identification:

  • Birth Certificate
  • D.M.V. identification card
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Medicare Card

If you are a person with a disability, you will need one of the following as proof of eligibility:

  • VA Letter of Disability Award ( 50% or more)
  • D.M.V. Disability Receipt
  • Social Security (SSI) Medicare card or Letter of Disability Award
  • Section 2 of the Application – this form must be completed by your doctor or social worker.

Where to Submit Your Application
Send all pages of your completed application along with your wallet-sized photo, proof of eligibility (as indicated above), and the $2.00 non-refundable processing fee to the following address. Do not send original proof of disability documents or cash.

STS Department
1700 W. 5th St.
San Bernardino, CA 92411

Once your application has been received, it will take approximately 10 working days for it to be processed. After your application has been approved, your identification card will be sent to you in the mail.

Renewal/Replacement Cards
Senior and Disability cards are valid for up to five years and expire on the birthday of the cardholder. In the event that you need to renew an expired card or replace a lost card, please call Omnitrans Customer Service at (909) 379-7100.

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