Go Smart and Student IDs

UPDATED 7/18/2012

If you are a student at a college that is currently participating with our Go Smart program and are experiencing issues with the acceptance of your student ID, here are some facts that will hopefully clarify what is happening.

Cal State Students

  • All IDs are no longer accepted due to end of the pilot program on June 30th and no permanent program to replace it.

Chaffey, Crafton Hills, and Valley Colleges

  • IDs from students enrolled in prior Spring semester are accepted for the month of July.
  • Summer-only students are not included.
  • IDs from students registered for Fall 2012 will be accepted beginning August 1st    
  • The list of accepted IDs is provided by the colleges.  Students must contact the college directly if there is a problem.

Art Institute of California-Inland Empire

  • Student IDs are not considered passes – a separate pass must be obtained at the Campus Store.
  • All passes from previous quarters need to be renewed by visiting the Campus Store. Deadline to renew for the Summer 2012 quarter is July 25.
  • If your pass reads “error” or “invalid” when swiped, visit the Cage to get the card re-coded.
  • Any questions about the GoSmart Program at The Art Institute – visit Student Affairs.

21 thoughts on “Go Smart and Student IDs

  1. What exactly is the “bad list?” I was denied and had to walk from Ontario to Fontana because my id wasn’t accepted.

    1. The “bad list” you’re refering to is a list supplied to Omnitrans by the colleges that lets us know if a student is qualified for Go Smart for the month of July. Students at Chaffey, Valley and Crafton Colleges are eligible to ride free with their student ID for July ONLY if they were previously registered at one of those colleges during the SPRING QUARTER. Students enrolled for the summer without being registered the previous spring quarter are NOT eligible. Students enrolled for the fall quarter may begin participating in Go Smart on August 1st.

      CSUSB has no Go Smart program in place as of June 30th. CSUSB students may no longer ride free with a student ID.

      Again, the list is provided to Omnitrans by the colleges themselves. If you feel you are on this list in error, please contact your student union/student services and let them know.

  2. I work at The Art Institute of CA in San Bernardino and we have had multiple students complain to us that they their Go Smart pass was not accepted. Please advise.

    1. Omnitrans apologizes for any non-acceptance of Art Institute “Go Smart” ID Cards. We are working to ensure all our drivers are up to date on which colleges are participating in the program. It’s best to report a specific incident to our customer service center at 800-966-6428.

  3. Hi, I have tried to ride the bus and was denied because of a “bad list”. So I took your advice and went to talk to my school. When I did, they told me that they were not aware of a “bad list” and told me that the buses would not let students on after June 30. When I showed her this page, she was confused because she did not know a thing about it. So, it is on your end, not the school’s, that has the problem. I advise you to fix this issue since I am sick of hearing different stories. And FYI I was a student during the spring semester and will be returning to school in August. So I do not appreciate the way your bus company is handling this.

  4. Hi James. We do have a “bad list” that is supplied to us by each college participating in the Go Smart program. However, we definitely understand that no system is perfect. So that we can take a closer look at your issue, please call 1-800-9-OMNIBUS and ask for the customer service supervisor. Give her the details on days & routes where you experience the problem, so she can try to trace what’s happening. With the exception of Cal State, all students who were enrolled in the Spring Quarter should have continuous service. We apologize for any confusion.

    1. Hi, I called the supervisor earlier today and was given a recording. I left a message and have not heard anything back. I am sick of this. I want something done about it.

  5. It seems that it’s not the schools or Omnitrans as a whole, but certain busses. Not routes, but busses. Some busses scan my card and some read as not valid. It’s very confusing.

    1. Hi Desean, I’m so sorry for the problem. We are working with the colleges to address the issue. Please call us at 1800-9-OMNIBUS and give us a few more details like which college you attend. We’ll do our best to help get this resolved.

  6. i’m a cal state san bernardino student, and i was wondering when we can start using our IDS for transportation because i honestly i have no money to pay for the bus and that was the only way for me to get to school.

    1. Hi Lizbett, Unfortunately for Cal State students, IDs are no longer accepted. The Go Smart pilot program ended on June 30th and there is no permanent program to replace it at this time. If the Go smart program is important to you, please let your college know by notifying these contacts:

      Commuter Services
      Email: Rideshare@csusb.edu

      ASI Associated Students Inc.
      909-537-5932 or 909-537-5930
      Email: asi-pres@csusb.edu

  7. Okay, but could I buy a 7-day student pass in places like Stater Bros. by using my registration receipt and my State ID? Because I don’t have a picture ID (student)

  8. I’m a student at Chaffey College and everytime I swipe my card to ride the bus it always says that my card is not valid I’ve talked to my school about the issue and I have paid all my fees and they have given me 3 new ids and I still can’t swipe the card without it saying that it’s not valid

    1. Hi Victor, please give us a call at 1-800-OMNIBUS so we can help you troubleshoot the problem. Please let the representative know that you’ve already gotten 3 new cards and the issue persists. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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