GoSmart College Pass Program Summer Update

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Great news! The Go Smart college pass program continues through July for students who were registered during the Springe 2012 semester at Chaffey, Crafton Hills and Valley Colleges!

The 2011/12 pilot program was set to end June 30th and the 5-year program begins on August 1st.  Students at the Art Institute of California-Inland Empire will continue to Go Smart, as their program was extended through June 30, 2013.

Sorry, but the Cal State San Bernardino program ends June 30th. If you are a Cal State San Bernardino student and this program is important to you, you can let your college know by notifying these contacts:

Commuter Services
Email: Rideshare@csusb.edu

ASI Associated Students Inc.
909-537-5932 or 909-537-5930
Email: asi-pres@csusb.edu

About GoSmart
With the Go Smart program, students at participating colleges pay a $7.50 transportation fee as part of their college fees at the beginning of each semester which allows them to ride the bus for free with their student ID throughout the year.

Chaffey College students ride Omnitrans free with their student I.D.

17 thoughts on “GoSmart College Pass Program Summer Update

  1. how much longer do students ride the bus for free at san bernardino valley college. is it going to begin again in august. the free bus rides are part of why some students can now go to school and get an education. if it is stopped, imagine how many students will have to stop going to school because they cant afford to travel to school. who do we talk to about this.

  2. i just read that, your still going to have go smart until the next 5 years. that would be great for every one then we would still be able to get our education. please reply here or. and even my e-mail address.

  3. Does the Go Smart stop on the 30th of June and begin on August 1rst, leaving out July, the rest of the summer session?

    1. Hi Doug. Students at Chaffey College, Crafton Hills College, Valley College and the Art Institute will have no interruption of the Go Smart program. You may still ride the bus for free in July if you were enrolled in the Spring quarter.

      However, Cal State University of San Bernardino students will NOT be able to take advantage of the Go Smart program after June 30th. There is currently no plan in place for the program to continue at CSUSB after that time.

  4. I just tried riding the bus this morning with my student id and was denied. Does it have to be a summer id? I still have spring 2012

  5. I just tried to use my id for the bus and was denied. I attended valley college in the spring and now in the summer. My id has always worked up until today. I also noticed other students id being denied resulting in them having to pay bus fare. If there is some other card that students have to use or pay another fee then the students should be notified. If our id’s are still valid for the go smart program then omnitrans needs to notify valley college of this issue!

  6. My Fall/Spring ID has not been recognized either for the last couple of days. The driver told me this evening that it was no good, I tried to explain your posting, he did not seem to believe me. I am already registered for my fall classes at Valley, the fee for GoSmart is automatically added as part of your balance. The problem being I do not believe Student Life will be open for us to get our new ID’s until a week or two before the new semester begins. So should we carry a copy of our registration statement, our regular ID, the number to Student Life to give the driver,…? I hope something can be worked out, I ride the bus at least 3 times a day, and truly enjoy it(free entertainment at times :).
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Erica, I apologize for the confusion. The temporary pilot Go Smart Program for the Spring 2012 school semester ended on June 30. It was extended to include July as a courtesy to the Spring 2012 enrolled students who were already participating in the program.

      Students who are registered for Fall 2012 will have their IDs accepted beginning with the start of the new 5-year Go Smart Program, which begins on August 1st. For more information please read this post. http://omnitrans.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/go-smart-and-student-ids/

  7. My son is attending Art Institute-Inland Empire. He is enrolled in the Summer 2012. Does he need to acquire a GO Smart Pass at his school to ride the bus or does he just use his student ID? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Rosa. The Art-Institute-Inland Empire is currently part of our Go Smart pilot program. All your son needs to do is to show the bus driver his college ID, and he will be able to ride the bus for free. Hope he enjoys his summer term!

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