Good Samaritans Save Teen Fundraiser

Receptionist Liz displaying the lost box of fundraising candy

What could have been a financial loss for one teen turned into a fundraising success thanks to the help of a few Good Samaritans here at Omnitrans.

Recently one of our coach operators discovered a cardboard box filled with fundraising candy on his vehicle and turned it into our Lost and Found. The side of the box was stamped Jurupa Hills High School Football, so our receptionist Susie called the school to let them know the candy had been recovered.

Receptionist Susie is always ready to lend a helping hand

The football coach remembered one of the kids asking what happens if you lose your candy, and how upset he had looked when he was told he would be financially responsible for it. He would definitely be relieved! Because school had just shut down for spring break, the high school coach made arrangements to personally pick up the box as soon as they were back in session. 

When Susie heard about the boy, she felt badly for him and decided to help him by buying some of the candy herself. Soon other Omnitrans employees heard the story and they too bought some of the sweets to show their support.

Before long, entire box was sold and the money was put aside for the high school football team. When the coach heard what had happened, he was so thrilled he offered to drop off more.  Susie laughed and explained we don’t do that, but added  that everyone was happy to have contributed to a good cause.


Take the Facebook poll! Can you guess which of these unusual lost items was NOT recovered from an Omnitrans bus?


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3 thoughts on “Good Samaritans Save Teen Fundraiser

  1. I want u people to show me the video of the person that picked up my wallet after I got off the bus who ever got it did not turn it in and decided to make it a crime and steel it so now it’s a theft thing he could of gave it to the driver but he kept it so I need u to show me the video of the person that took it so I could give it to the police and make a report or put his picture on all the bus stops to c if anyone recognises him…it would really help

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