Guide to September service changes

Omnitrans September 2014 bus book
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Why are fares increasing?

This is Omnitrans’ first fare increase in five years. Just as with any other company, service or even home, the cost of our operations increases over time. Since Omnitrans is required by FTA to receive at least 20% of our operating costs from customer fares, our fares must balance with our costs.

View the new fare table.

Are fares increasing because of sbX?
No. The new fare structure was long-planned, and approved prior to the start of sbX service. 

Why is OmniLink service being eliminated?
Unfortunately, ridership on OmniLink was low, and the cost to operate the on-demand service was high. The good news is that 80% of Omnitrans customers who used OmniLink service are covered by OmniGo Hometown Shuttle service in their communities.

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September service changes by route:

ROUTES 3 & 4

  • What’s Different:  Routes 3 & 4 service frequency is improved to 15 min. after 8 a.m.
  • Why:  To add convenience and reliability on a popular route.

Route 5 – (view map AND SCHEDULE)

  • What’s Different:  Route 5 service frequency is improved to 30 min. The route also has been realigned to travel on Waterman Ave., between Gilbert and Barton Rd. The route no longer serves 4th St. or Goodwill.
  • Why:  To improve travel time, and provide coverage of a portion of Waterman Ave. previously served by Route 9.

Route 7 – (VIEW MAP)

  • What’s Different:  The end of the line has been moved to 5th and “F” Sts.
  • Why:  To respond to customer safety concerns at the previous end of line location (G St.).

Route 8 –  (VIEW MAP & SCHEDULE)

  • What’s Different:  Route 8 now is two routes – Short 8 and Long 8. Short 8 travels from downtown SB to the Redlands Mall; Long 8 travels from downtown SB to Crafton Hills College. Note:  the route no longer travels to the Yucaipa TC.
  • Why:  To improve frequency to downtown SB, and serve Mentone. Service eliminated along Yucaipa Blvd. now is served by Route 19.

Route 9

  • What’s Different:  Route 9 has been eliminated.
  • Why:  To improve service in SB and Yucaipa with increased frequency on Routes 5 and 19. Travel between SB and Yucaipa also will be faster, transferring from sbX to Route 19.

Route 14 – (VIEW MAP)

  • What’s Different:  The Route 14 Almeria tripper has moved from Almeria to Live Oak.
  • Why:  To accommodate the new location of the ISS workshop served by the tripper.


  • What’s Different:  Route 19 service is extended to the Yucaipa TC. The route also has been realigned between the VA Hospital and the Yucaipa TC, along the path of the old Route 9.
  • Why:  To improve frequency on Barton Rd. and improve connection to sbX. Duplication of Route 8 service also is eliminated.

Route 20

  • What’s Different:  Frequency on Route 20 is reduced to 60 min. every day. The route will travel on Juniper and Merrill to and from the Fontana TC; service on Sierra is eliminated.
  • Why:  Due to low ridership.


  • What’s Different:  Route 22 will travel on Valley Blvd. to and from the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center; the San Bernardino Ave. and Wild Rose “loop” has been eliminated.
  • Why:  To simplify travel. Service eliminated on San Bernardino Ave. now is covered by Route 19.

Route 61 – (VIEW MAP)

  • What’s Different:  Route 61 schedule has been adjusted to eliminate the need for transfer at Ontario Mills Mall.
  • Why:  For customer convenience, and to avoid missed connections.

Route 215

  • What’s Different:  Route 215 service frequency has been improved to 30 min. for the majority of Saturday and Sunday.
  • Why:  To add convenience on a popular route.


  • What’s Different:  A tripper has been added to Route 365 between Butterfield Ranch and Chino Hills High School.
  • Why:  To provide convenient service to students.


  • What’s Different:  OmniLink service has been eliminated.
  • Why:  Due to a combination of high operating cost and low ridership. Please note that 80% of OmniLink customers are covered by OmniGo service.

Access – (VIEW MAP)

  • What’s Different:  Access zone boundaries have changed.
  • Why:  Based on fixed route changes, boundaries changed to comply with ADA regulations.


Common destination questions

How do I make connections to downtown SB without Route 5?(Route 5 no longer serves the 4th St. TC). If you’re going downtown, try a quick transfer from Route 5 to Routes 1, 3, 4, or 8. If you’re close to Cal State or Hospitality Ln., try taking sbX downtown – service is faster and more frequent! Route 5 also now provides direct service on Waterman to important locations such as Inland Regional Center, Lighthouse for the Blind, Hospitality Ln., and several trade schools.

How do I get bus service to/from Barton Ave.?
(Route 9 has been eliminated). Route 19 now serves Barton Ave. from Redlands to Colton every 30 min.

How do I get bus service on Yucaipa Blvd.?
(Route 8 has moved, and Route 9 has been eliminated). Route 19 provides service every 30 min. on the Blvd., and you now can travel all the way to Fontana without a transfer! If you’re going to downtown SB, try taking Route 19 and transferring to sbX. Your trip will be faster than it was on Route 8 or 9!

How do I get bus service from Colton Ave.?
(Direct service on Colton was eliminated due to low ridership). The entire distance of Colton Ave. is within walking distance of Route 8 or Route 15, from Orange, Lugonia, Redlands or State Sts.

How do I get bus service from Mt. View Ave.?
(Route 19 has been realigned). Although direct service no longer is available on Mt. View Ave., you can take a short walk to either Redlands Ave. or Barton Rd. and catch either Route 8 or 19, which both now come by every 30 min.

How can I get to/from Fontana High School with the new Route 20 schedule?
(Route 20 frequency has been reduced to 60 min.). You still can take Route 20 to school; the service frequency has been reduced, but the schedule has been adjusted so that students still can make it to class before 0 or 1st period, and there will be a bus coming by not too long after school is out.

How can I get service to/from Goodwill Industries, the CID Center for Individual Development, or the Andersen School?
(Route 5 has been realigned). While Route 5 no longer stops in front of these locations, you still can catch Route 5 on Waterman Ave. via a short walk. At Palm and 3rd, you also can catch the newly-improved Route 8, with service every 30 min. to downtown SB.

How can I get to/from the Meadowbrook Park Tower and Apts. at 2nd and Sierra Way?
(Route 5 has been realigned; Route 9 has been eliminated). You still can catch Route 5 about a block from your location; Route 8, with increased 30 min. frequency, also is available at 3rd and Sierra Way. You also can catch sbX service at E and Rialto Ave. Additionally, when the new San Bernardino Transit Center opens at E and Rialto Ave. in about a year, downtown routes will meet there and service will be back on Rialto Ave.

How can I get to/from the Rock Church in San Bernardino?
(Route 9 has been eliminated). Omnitrans has improved service to the Rock Church, with improved service frequency every day! Route 5 will serve the church every 30 min. during the week – twice as frequent as Route 9 – so coming from Redlands or Yucaipa you can take Route 19 and transfer to Route 5 at Barton Rd. and Waterman Ave.

How can I get to/from the San Bernardino County Assistance office in Colton?
(Route 22 has been realigned). A short walk from the Assistance office will get you to Route 19, which you can catch on San Bernardino.

 How can I get to/from Walmart in Redlands?
(Route 19 has been realigned). Walmart now is served by Route 8, every 30 min.

11 thoughts on “Guide to September service changes

  1. It looks like I will need to take bus 19 on Citrus Avenue in Redlands rather than the 9 bus which seems to have been discontinued, to get into downtown Redlands. BUT. I see nothing that will get me to either the Ross Store stop on Colton Avenue or to Citrus Plaza on Lugonia. This is a huge problem for me. Am I seeing this wrong. Please help!

  2. Faye, you have a good point about Route 19 ELIMINATION OF going on Colton passing CVS, AND ROSS in the Tri-City Center. I think its a huge mistake because the closest stop is at Alabama and Redlands Blvd, but its out of service until December..

    You can still go to Citrus plaza via Route 15

  3. I dislike the rout 7 change since now this would make me miss a 7 am class making me very late. Can you make a tripper trip in the morning for the first run of the day and possable start the rout 20-30 minutes earlier like at 5 or 5;30 to get me downtown by 6am so I can meet my rout 1 connection to get to valley college on time.

  4. A lot more omnitran lines need to run more straight, to many twist and turns and frequent stops make riding the bus unbearable for example route 20 is dumb and almost pointless. Make that route run north and south on citrus and Sierra ave every 15 mins. Also maybe adding a line from Fontana metrolink to the Claremont metrolink station via arrow blvd would work nice of course with no pointless turns just one mostly straight line like the 61 & 66 those two lines have a high ridership for a reason. More lines should be similar to them to them. By the way the route change to 61 works great (less time is always better).

  5. Is Route 9 going to continue to run through august untill September? I take the 9 to get to and from my work and it looks like the 19 will cover me but I want to make sure I don’t go to the bus stop and not be able to get to or home from work

  6. The changes made to route 7 are disappointing. Now that it stops at cal state, my daughter must transfer to the route 2 or SBx to the station near Palm and Kendall and then walk to Cesar Chavez Middle School which is a nearly 30 minute walk according to your trip planner. This is a huge safety concern for students. My older daughter had problems with strangers trying to pick her up while she was walking or waiting for the bus. A tripper trip in the am for the first few routes and one or two in the pm ( before and after school) for the bus to service the pine-ohio-palm loop would be wonderful. This would reduce the walking and wait times. It is also ridiculous that it takes her over an hour to het home when she lives near cajon high. I know quite a few students who would benefit from this.

    1. Consider getting your daughter a bicycle or let her use one she has. There are bike lanes on Northpark Blvd. all the way to CSUSB, where she can catch sbX up, then bike the rest of the way to school. That total trip time would be half an hour or less and the sbX buses can fit more than twice as many bikes as regular buses, so her friends/other students from nearby can join her. Alternatively, she can leave her bike locked at the Palm & Kendall station and ride just from there to the school.

      If you are a little apprehensive about her riding alone, contact the School District and/or the Inland Empire Biking Alliance for assistance in establishing a ‘bike train’. In a ‘bike train’, students can ride together with an adult as well as learn how to bike safely.

  7. I’m so glad the 19 is replacing the 9 route and coming every 30mins. I have to get to my college classes and the bus 9 running only once an hour was horrible. If I missed the bus not chance of making it to class that day.

  8. Omnitrans planning team needs to address to the city of Ontario to place a shelter and widen the sidewalk at the Ontario Mills transcenter for safety reasons. A bike rider almost got hit. There’s no room to walk if there’s a wheelchair, walker or stroller. Also, if you can change the lightening in the area for safety concerns at night.

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