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Guide to January 2020 Service Changes

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The stockings were hung, the turkey carved, gifts exchanged, and the champagne flutes poured. It’s now time to usher in 2020 with minor timing adjustments – effective Monday, January 6, 2020 – and tech enhancements to drive us into success in the new year!

Most changes are slight run times adjustments designed to improve transfers, on-time performance of buses, and overall quality of service. Route 15 will be modified slightly to travel along Merrill Ave. between Alder and Sierra in Fontana (see map below). The San Bernardino County Courthouse will continue to be served by Route 12.

Route 15 Map

Additionally, we are continuing our partnership with the Transit app to answer all your trip planning and bus arrival time questions! As you know, the Transit app became the official Omnitrans app in the fall, and the Omnitrans mobile app was discontinued. The Transit app provides a more comprehensive approach to trip planning, including multi-modal connection options such as Uber, Lyft, and other neighboring transit services – all in one place.

Did we mention that by February, Token Transit mobile fares will be integrated with the Transit app? That’s right! Then, you will be able to pay, plan, and predict all from a single app with Transit.

For all routes with time changes, see the list below, and don’t forget to check the Bus Book and plan before you travel!

Summary of all service changes:

Route 4: Saturday 7:15PM and 7:56PM eastbound trips adjusted.

Route 8: Weekday westbound 7:15PM and 7:56PM times adjusted.

Route 14: First morning westbound weekday trip adjusted.

Route 15: Route has been modified slightly to travel on Merrill between Alder and Sierra. The San Bernardino County Courthouse will be served by Route 12.

Route 22: Weekday southbound 6:27PM and 9:14PM trips adjusted; northbound 9:30PM trip adjusted.

Route 66: 5:45PM trip eliminated on weekdays.

Route 80: Sunday southbound 5:57AM trip has been eliminated.

Route 215: Weekday southbound 4:39PM and northbound 5:11PM and 7:24PM trips adjusted.


All Days: Routes 15, 66, 85 and 88.

Weekdays: Routes 8, 14, 22, 67, 80, 81, 86 and 215.

Saturdays: Routes 83, 84 and 86.

9 thoughts on “Guide to January 2020 Service Changes

  1. Why no service on Holidays? the least thing Omnitrans could do is provide Sunday service schedule to accommodate all those who have no other forms or means of transportation; to visit loved ones,go to work, or simply cant drive for various reasons but you(Omnitrans) accept tax payers funds from the Government! WOW! But your operators are paid for doing nothing on Holiday`s.. SMH

  2. Hello, I take the number 5 bus to get to work and the grocery store. This isnt fair that it is being taken away. Please bring it back.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Mariah. Your comment has been forwarded to our service planning team for consideration. Thank you!

  3. I take the number 5 bus to get to work and to get to my doctor appointments. This is going to mess uo everything. There is no other bus that goes my work.

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