Guide to September Service Changes

Omnitrans September 2015 bus book
Click to preview the September 8, 2015 Bus Book.

By improving directness of service, shortening travel times and simplifying the system design, the upcoming September 8th service changes are designed to enhance the passenger experience. Here’s a few of the highlights.

The new San Bernardino Transit Center provides much needed amenities for Omnitrans’ largest transfer location, which serves 6,000 riders per day. In addition to 12 Omnitrans routes and sbX, passengers can connect with Mountain Transit , Victor Valley Transit Authority and, in late 2016, Metrolink.

The new Omnitrans Route 290 connects downtown San Bernardino, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Ontario Mills and the Montclair Transit Center. This route cuts travel time in half, compared to similar local bus service, during peak hours on weekdays. There’s also free Wi-Fi onboard! You even can try Route 290 FREE September 8th – 11th!

Fans of San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino will be happy to discover that Route 1 now extends to North Victoria Avenue. The stop places riders just outside this popular landmark.

West Valley riders will notice old their old routes have become more streamlined, requiring fewer transfers. Thanks to the addition of five new routes, travel times have been significantly shortened as well.

Have questions about navigating the new routes? We’re here to help. Omnitrans ambassadors will be at the San Bernardino Transit Center, the Chaffey College Transit Center, the Ontario Transit Center, the Montclair Transit Center, the Chino Transit Center and Ontario Mills during peak hours on September 8th and 9th.

Omnitrans Bus FallFor a closer look at the routes and schedules affected by the new service changes, see below or check out our September Bus Book preview.

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19 thoughts on “Guide to September Service Changes

  1. Will the new 290 line be able to carry bikes? If so, about how many (i.e. will it be just the front rack that can only accommodate 2 bikes)?

    1. Hi Tom. The Omnitrans Route 290 Freeway Express will be equipped with a double bike rack. However, we do plan to upgrade the coach with a triple bike rack in the near future. If you decide to give Route 290 a try in September, we’d love to hear about your experience! Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Some changes are good for some routes, but I think that leaving some routes -like in my case the 63-with no servives on the weekends is absolutely ridiculous. Regular passengers take buses even on the weekends.

    1. Hi Frank. Route 63 will be eliminated with the September 8th service changes. Segments of it will be replaced by Routes 61, 84 and 86. Routes 61 and 84 both have weekend service.

  3. Just to be clear and for my own piece of mind because I have a new college student riding the bus. Route 68 will not change or be affected with the September 8 changes, is this correct?

    1. Hi Janis, Route 68 will be eliminated with the September 8th service change. Routing on Ramona will be transferred to the new Route 88, and routing northeast of the Montclair Transit Center will be transferred to the new Route 85. Frequency on Ramona Avenue will be reduced to 60 minutes on weekdays.

      Will your student be attending Chaffey? The restructured Route 67 will offer a one-seat ride between campuses, connecting the Fontana Transit Center and Chaffey College along Baseline with no need for a transfer!

      For a closer look at the maps and schedules you can check out our September Bus Book preview here:

  4. Can I use my RCC(Riverside City College) ID card to ride on the SBX? I have to take the SBX to Loma Linda VA Hospital from San Bernadino Transit center after trying out the new 290 and visiting the new trans center.

      1. Even if I am going to transfer to RTA 14 , I still have to pay?

        I would definitely buy a $5 day pass to try the SBX service if there isn’t any discount

  5. I wait for bus 68 on Romona & Kingsley to get to Rancho Cucamonga Chaffey college were would I have to wait for it now I need to be at school by 7:00

    1. I work on 5st and Belen at a nursing eehome I take the 63route its perfect for me I just walk a few blocks but now I would have to walk longer blocks if I take the new 84 route.

  6. I go on route 68 to get to Chaffey College. I live between the streets Baseline at Haven and Baseline at Miliken. What route will I now have to take to get to Chaffey and where will the actual stops be? Thanks.

  7. Why you eliminating route 63 we want it back I need it for my job I take this route everyday please bring it back is a must thank you.

    1. Hi Rafaela, The area covered by Route 63 will now be served by Routes 61, 84 and 86. If you click on these routes in the article, you’ll be able to see their maps and schedules.

  8. I take the 63 ( South and north)bus every day on 4 and grove in ontario. With the new changes there will be no bus running this street on the weekends. Im sure there is more people that will need the 63 running on 4 st during the weekend. Please …don’t change 63 to only week days.

  9. When will the new stops be put into place? For example route 68 is being eliminated and route 85 will takes its place. When will route 85 signs be put up? I want to know where they will be ahead of time so I know where to wait for the bus.

    1. Sings for new bus stops are being installed now. We anticipate that all stops will be in during the week of September 8th.

      Decal changes for existing stops where the route number changes but the stop itself doesn’t will start the weekend prior to the change and be completed early during the week of Sept. 8th.

      Hope that helps!

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