Harms Joins Omnitrans as Director of IT

Omnitrans recently welcomed Jacob Harms as new Director of Information Technology.  Harms brings experience from the US military and management consulting to the transit agency serving the San Bernardino Valley of Southern California.

“I chose to come to Omnitrans because I like fresh challenges. I enjoy problem solving and program management,” said Harms. “The combination of leading intelligent people and constantly dealing with new issues and solving them is exciting to me. It’s never the same thing day in and day out.”

Most recently, Harms worked as a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading provider of management consulting, technology and engineering services in San Diego, where he provided program management support to assist the US Navy’s transition to Voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

Previously, Harms served in the United States Marine Corps as a communications officer. He led more than 70 Marines in integrating and managing command communications and computer systems across various platforms and transmission mediums for end users. Additionally, he worked extensively with data systems, radio communications phone and wire, and electronics maintenance, supporting more than 1,300 Marines in this capacity.

Although he will be leading a small team of just five people at Omnitrans, Harms is confident in their abilities and what they can accomplish together. “I would much rather have that than a larger group of people who are well-organized but not as good at their jobs,” said Harms.  “My challenge is to take this seasoned crew and just point us in the right direction.”

Harms holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from DeVry University, Colorado.

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