Interest Grows in Future sbX Projects

Omnitrans Director of Planning and Development Services Rohan Kuruppu (far right) fields questions from residents of northern San Bernardino at a monthly meeting of Community Builders San Bernardino

As construction continues along the E Street Corridor, public interest has grown in the sbX system-wide plan and how the first line between northern San Bernardino and Loma Linda will provide connectivity with other modes of public transit and future bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors.

“Our goal is not only to enhance public transit,” said Rohan Kuruppu, Omnitrans’ Director of Planning and Development Services, at a Jan. 2 meeting of CommunityBuilders San Bernardino. “We want to promote enhanced communities that are sustainable, walkable and attractive to private developers, businesses and residents.”

Kuruppu, who spearheaded talks with stakeholders in 2004 when sbX was first conceived, is working with officials from Southern California Associated Governments (SCAG), San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) and cities throughout the Omnitrans service area to determine the vision for BRT in those communities. He has been instrumental in generating more than $1 billion in grants for the study, planning, design and implementation of new transit projects.

Last year, the Federal Transit Administration awarded $800,000 to Omnitrans for an alternatives analysis for the future Holt Boulevard/4th Street corridor, which would provide BRT in Montclair, Ontario and Fontana.  An 18-month station-area design study also has begun on the Foothill Boulevard corridors, which include the communities of Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Etiwanda, and Fontana (Foothill West); and Rialto, San Bernardino and Highland (Foothill East).

— David Rutherford

The E Street Corridor is the first of 10 under construction in the system-wide plan. Click image for larger view.

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3 thoughts on “Interest Grows in Future sbX Projects

  1. I wal looking at these routes, and I’ve noticed something. According to this map, the Euclid/mountain corridor would be going on one of the most congested sections of the 91. How would this work during rush hour? Will there be special bus lanes?

    1. Considering that at least $1.3bn is being spent to extend the FasTrak lanes, it seems like allowing buses to use them would only make too much sense. Of course, not much of that has been common around these parts up until recently.

  2. Highly likely. That’s the benefit of BRT. Don’t expect anything soon, though. There are at least two other corridors being looked at first. That should give local planners plenty of time to conceptualize how it would work in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

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