Kick’n It At Regal Cinemas

When Buster heard that Regal Cinemas San Bernardino Stadium 14 would be opening in downtown San Bernardino, he honked his horn in delight.  A new movie theater in his own home town!  He could get there on Route 14 in no time at all.

Located just a hop, skip and jump from the 4th Street Transfer Center on 450 N. E Street in downtown San Bernardino, Regal Cinemas offered everything that a little bus mascot would want:  Easy access to Omnitrans bus stops, stadium style seating, to accommodate Buster’s
“ junk in the trunk” and an ultra-awesome snack bar.

Although Regal Cinemas officially opens Friday, June 29, Buster enjoyed one of the sneak peak showings earlier this week.  He saved some time by purchasing his ticket at one of the fully-automated ticket stands.   Buster loved the little whirring sound of the ticket dispensary.  Then, he carefully selected his snacks from the amazingly well-stocked concession stand and trundled off to enjoy his movie.

Buster was delighted to find that the theater offered RPX, (the Regal Premium Experience), which promised a breathtaking IMMERSIVE 3D experience, high-impact GIANT SCREENS and powerful, uncompressed SURROUND SOUND. And it was true.   It was as if he was REALLY THERE INSIDE THE MOVIE!  Buster had to hang on the retractable cup holder a few times to keep from falling out of his seat!

Buster had such a great time that he signed up for the Regal Crown Club loyalty program, which rewards frequent moviegoers.  He also made plans to come for the Summer Movie Express program, where select G or PG rated movies are screened for only a dollar at 10 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Regal Cinemas is going to be a great destination that Buster will add to his growing number of fun summer activities.   After all, what would summer be without a blockbuster movie?  Like an ice cream cone without ice cream.  Or pool without water.  Or a mascot without a dance move.

–Janice Kuhn

One thought on “Kick’n It At Regal Cinemas

  1. While we were in this Regal watching a movie some theives were all over our car in the parking lot. They broke both the front windows, scratched the hood and the trunk, tore up the inside of the car then they took some of our things . We called the San Bernardino Police department and were told to make an report on line once we got home. They didn’t even send an officer. Regal has security people that monitor the outside of their building . The parking lot that you park in across the street has security people that monitor that. What sucks is all they do is walk around. If something happens they do nothing they do not care. Here is a big surprise there are no security cameras in the lot or the movie house. We did not feel safe there. We used the re-useable bags and tried to remove the glass from the drivers seat. Then my husband put other bags on the seat so he could drive us home. I set in the back seat. We drove home in the rain with two broken windows. We are never going back to this area ever. Another car that was parked by ours had the same thing happen today. I want to get the word out to everyone that this area is not safe. They want to get your money but they do not care if you or your property are safe when you are there. Do not go to this Regal.

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