Let them know you want GoSmart at CSUSB!

Attention CSUSB students! SAVE GO SMART for CSUSB!

The GO SMART free bus ride program ENDS JUNE 30th, 2012. If you want to see this program continue for the 2012-13 school year, please make your voice heard. Tell why this program is important to you and other students.

Commuter Services
Email: Rideshare@csusb.edu

ASI Associated Students Inc.
909-537-5932 or 909-537-5930
Email: asi-pres@csusb.edu

5 thoughts on “Let them know you want GoSmart at CSUSB!

  1. May. 25, 2012
    I want the GoSmart at CSUSB because it has been a great help in these diffucult times. I am sure many other students that ride use the GoSmart at CSUSB will be very happy. Thank you very for all you have done for the CSUSB students, and I hope you can continue with this great program for the American youth in this area. I think that by helping the students you are helping the future of America to be brighter.

  2. I want the Go Smart at CSUSB because I sometimes need to go off campus for class projects and the bus is the only way for me to do this. I don’t have a car and it’s too far to walk. It would be a shame if the program would stop because the how would students get their projects done? Go Smart is a good program and I don’t understand why it is ending on June 30- when I was going to RCC last summer we got free rides all year long – it would be a shame if students had to spend money on the bus-it’s bad enough our fees and tution go up all the time-and the bus is one expense we students really don’t need. Charlene

  3. I want the Go Smart at CSUSB, i find it very convenient for myself and peers. i do not have the money for a car nor gas. riding the bus is very helpful for me, I’m able to go to school with no worries in mind but the fact that i can go places with the program Go Smart at CSUSB. So, please continue this program for every student in campus, this allows everyone of us to see that we are Americas future. – flor

  4. I want to go smarter at CSUSB, because it is very convenient to many students that do not receive financial aid. A lot of us students do not have cars or someone to drive us to school. Education is extremely important to me because i would like to give back to the community by becoming a school counselor. Please do not end this free ride for students that want to succeed and give back to the community.

  5. Please Please Please, I’m a single mother and the bus pass was so helpful. It was always a sruggle to get that monthly pass. Please keep it the students need it more than you know Please!

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