Meeting student transportation needs

Conflicting family work schedules and limited transportation is a big issue for many families these days–especially those with teens who need to get to school. We recently stopped by Chino Hills High School and talked to a few of the students who rely on OmniGo Route 365 to help them get to their classes.

“My mom works at Cedar Sinai,” says 14-year-old Elena. “She has to be at work really early and isn’t out in time to pick me up from school. So I ride OmniGo.  I don’t mind, really. A lot of my friends take the bus too so it gives us a chance to hang out.”

Her friend Yahaira agrees. “It gets really full sometimes but, aside from that, it’s not bad. It’s a short bus, so it’s kind of fun. My mom works at a store in Chino and has to drive to work early in the morning, and there’s no one else to give me a ride. Since the school is 2 or 3 miles from my house, I just take the bus.”

“I just started taking OmniGo as a freshman last year,” says Jessica. “I love it. Most of my friends ride too. Both of my parents work so it’s the only way I can get here.”

Brandy, who is finishing up her senior year, says this is her 4th year riding OmniGo. ” I don’t have my own car, so I pretty much rely on the bus to get where I need to go. I’ll probably still be using it once I graduate.”

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