Minor Service Changes Set for May 2

Omnitrans May 2016Just in time for spring and summer fun, the May Bus Book is here!

While there aren’t any major changes to report for your favorite routes, minor adjustments have been made to the following routes, so be sure to check your schedule before you travel.

One item of note:  in response to customer concerns, sbX will conclude its test program of stopping on demand, and once again will stop at every station along its route, on every trip.

To enhance travel times to and from the San Bernardino Transit Center, minor time adjustments have been made to the following routes:

Weekdays:  Routes 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14 , 15 and 290.

Saturday: Routes 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 14 and 15.

Sunday:  Routes 3, 4 and 14.

Other Changes

Route 5:  A minor runtime adjustment was made to the weekday schedule.

Route 15 :  A new AM trip from Redlands Mall has been added to the Saturday schedule.

Route 61:  The long-term detour has been lifted on south Vineyard Ave. in Ontario.  Route will resume normal routing along Archibald and Holt.  A minor schedule adjustment also was made to weekday schedule.

Route 67:  Minor schedule adjustments was made to the weekday schedule.

Route 85:  All schedules will reflect minor schedule adjustments.

Route 325:  Minor schedule adjustment was made to the weekday schedule.

You can take a look at the May Bus Book here.

And don’t forget! Mountain Transit and Victor Valley Transit bus passes now can be purchased at the San Bernardino Transit Center.

3 thoughts on “Minor Service Changes Set for May 2

  1. Why are there always white people on the cover of your bus books? I never see Hispanics, Asians or blacks, disabled or other ethnic groups like Native Americans. I have seen this female model once used on a bus billboard. I do not like having this young boy shirtless because we may have a sexual predator on the bus. This cover could have been nice with no people on it because there were people at the lake.

    1. Thank you for your comments. We’re sorry for any confusion caused by the new Bus Book cover; the idea was to highlight fun spring/summer activity locations served by Omnitrans, including local parks, pools and lakes. Omnitrans customers are required to wear a shirt to ride the bus. It is our intent for all of our printed materials to feature people who reflect the community we serve.

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