New! Omnitrans Security Text-a-Tip


Beginning Thursday, August 6th, Omnitrans will roll out its new Text-a-Tip security alert system. Passengers who observe suspicious activity at Omnitrans bus stops, stations or transit centers will now be able to text that information directly to the 24-hour Omnitrans security team at 909-368-7711.The system will automatically reply to the sender with a text confirming receipt of the message.

Text-to-Tip is intended solely for reporting non-emergency activities, such as suspicious people, graffiti, vandalism, or unattended packages. In case of an emergency where emergency response personnel are needed, calls should be directed to 9-1-1. When providing a text tip, the user should always include the stop or exact location in their texts, so that the security team knows where to investigate.

“Omnitrans is committed to maintaining a clean, safe environment at all its stops, stations and transit centers,” says Mark Crosby, Omnitrans Security & Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. “Text-a-Tip provides the opportunity for our security team to partner with riders to quickly respond to any unusual activity.”

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