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If you’re looking for news, information, or photos of Omnitrans or sbX rapid transit, the Omnitrans newsroom is always open. Looking for story leads? We frequently feature rider and employee stories on our blog and can provide contact information to reporters interested in interviews.

Media Contacts

For members of the media looking for comment regarding Omnitrans, please use the following contact information (in the following order):

Director of Marketing & Communications

Nicole Ramos
(909) 379-7155

Marketing Specialist

Janice Kuhn
(909) 379-7168

Marketing Specialist

Jose Hernandez
(909) 379-7168

Quick Facts for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Local & Express Fixed Route Ridership*11,102,000
Demand Response Ridership*382,000
Local & Express Bus Mileage*9,819,000
Demand Response Mileage* 2,423,000
Service Area456 sq. miles
Service Area Population1.48 Million
Operating Budget (excluding depreciation)$89,368,284
Local & Express Bus Routes30
Local & Express Peak Hour Buses147
Local & Express Bus Fleet178
Demand Response/Shuttle Fleet106
Alternatively Fueled Bus Fleet237
Community Shuttle Routes5
JPA Membership16
Board Members19

* projected

About Our Fleet

Omnitrans currently operates a fleet of 40 and 60-foot clean fuel transit coaches. Vehicles used for our OmniGo and Access service include gasoline and CNG-powered cutaway minibuses. In addition, Omnitrans has a vintage 1958 GMC TDH 4801 transit coach nicknamed Old Blue, which was restored in 2001 and is used for community events and parades. Here is a summary of the current Omnitrans fleet:

Local and Express Routes

Quantity Manufacturer Fuel
163 New Flyer (40′) CNG
15 New Flyer (60′) CNG

Demand Response and Community Circulator Fleet (OmniGo & Access)

Quantity Manufacturer Fuel
13 Ford Aerotech Gasoline
34 Ford Starcraft Gasoline
59 Ford Starcraft CNG

Restored Vintage Coach (Old Blue)

Quantity Manufacturer Fuel
1 1958 GMC Diesel

System Ridership

Ridership figures below represent total passenger boardings by fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) for all Omnitrans services (local, express, demand response).

Fiscal YearRidership% Change
201316,146,278 0.00%
201216,152,101 7.40%

New Programs

As public transit provider to one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation, our success depends upon our ability to plan for the future. Here are a few of the new programs and future directions for Omnitrans.

West Valley Connector Corridor

The San Bernardino Valley will experience growing traffic congestion and one million more people by 2030. Omnitrans is working to improve mobility in the Valley with an enhanced, state-of-the-art bus rapid transit system.

The West Valley Connector Corridor is the next segment in this system. The project goals are:

  • Respond to growth in Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Montclair and Pomona
  • Provide faster, more attractive transit service on Holt Blvd./Route 61 and Foothill Blvd./Route 66 corridors
  • Connect all major activity centers:
    • Ontario Mills, Convention Center and Ontario Airport
    • Victoria Gardens, schools, downtown and civic center areas
      3 Metrolink stations
  • Major employers such as Kaiser Permanente Hospital
  • Support the cities’ plans
  • Analyze all viable alternatives to determine the best option

For more information on the West Valley Connector Corridor click here.

San Bernardino Transit Center

Omnitrans opened the San Bernardino Transit Center in September 2015. Built in partnership with the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, the center is a LEED Gold facility that provides a safe environment, comfortable amenities, real time arrival technology, and convenient connections. This multi-modal transportation hub provides is utilized by Omnitrans, Mountain Transit, Victor Valley Transit Authority, Pass Transit, Riverside Transit Agency and Metrolink. The future Arrow passenger rail service to Redlands will arrive in 2022.

Photography & Filming on Omnitrans

Being in Southern California, the entertainment production capital of the world, Omnitrans occasionally receives requests for film production on Omnitrans buses and at our facilities.

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