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Omnitrans publishes a variety of plans, reports, and guidelines, including an annual management plan, financial reports, transit plans, and specifications guidelines for contractors and community partners.

Annual Reports and Plans

Transit Design Guidelines

The Omnitrans Transit Design Guidelines provide guidance for local officials or the private sector (developers, engineers, planners, etc.) on how to provide transit facilities that best meet the needs of all users and the community while keeping in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act along with many other considerations.

Online interactive toolkit – Transit Design Guidelines website
Omnitrans Transit Design Guidelines 2013

System-Wide Transit Corridor Plan for the San Bernardino Valley

The System-Wide Plan identifies corridors with the potential to develop into major fixed route transit investments. The plan supports Omnitrans’ ongoing efforts to develop a regional sbX bus rapid transit network.

System-Wide Transit Corridor Plan for the San Bernardino Valley, 2010
Long Range Transit Plan
sbX Green Line Before & After Study

OmniConnects: Omnitrans’ FY2015-2020 Short-Range Transit Plan (SRTP)

The OmniConnects Short-Range Transit Plan was built based upon feedback from San Bernardino County Residents, Bus Riders, Stakeholders and community organizations. The SRTP was called OmniConnects to reinforce Omnitrans’ core mission of connecting people, business and the community. The plan establishes a path for service enhancements consistent with Omnitrans limited budget by reducing service duplications in order to improve service frequency, and reliability while seeking to improve travel directness to reduce travel times.

OmniConnects Short-Range Transit Plan

West Valley Connector Corridor

This study outlines options for providing premium bus service (Rapid or Bus Rapid Transit service) on the Holt and Foothill corridors in the western San Bernardino Valley.

Appendices, Draft Alternatives Analysis Report, August 2014
Alternatives Analysis Report (Full Report), September 2014
Executive Summary, Alternatives Analysis Report, September 2014
Economic Development Impacts Study, October 2014

CNG Fueling Station Environmental Impact Report

This is a study conducted in 2003-04 to determine whether or not Omnitrans’ fueling facilities pose a health threat to surrounding neighborhoods. Key findings determined that there is no measurable effect from station emissions. The full report is available here.

Entire document and appendices
Final Report – Environmental and Public Health Impact Study
Appendix A – Senate Bill 1927
Appendix B – Summary of Public Meetings
Appendix C – Local Area Survey Results
Appendix D – Public Health Survey Instrument
Appendix E – School Survey
Appendix F – Environmental Data Resources (EDR) Reports
Appendix G – Dispersion Modeling Results
Appendix H – Statistical Analysis

Title VI Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Policy

Omnitrans Title VI Limited English Proficiency Policy & Language Assistance Plan
Omnitrans 2018 Title VI Policy Triennial Update
Omnitrans 2018 Title VI Policy Triennial Update: Appendix Volume II
Omnitrans Title VI Complaint Procedures

Omnitrans Strategic Plan

The Omnitrans Strategic Plan for FY2017–2020 reflects forward-looking thinking that sets expectations for our operations and services while preserving the public trust of our customers and communities.As a management tool, our Strategic Plan remains a platform for overseeing the growing complexity of Omnitrans’ total portfolio. This document represents a framework for effective decision-making, collaboration and communication.

Omnitrans Strategic Plan FY2017-2020

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