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Project Overview

The West Valley Connector is a bus rapid transit (BRT) project that proposes limited stops, providing speed and quality improvements to the public transit system within the corridor. Among the numerous benefits, BRT provides premium transit with 10-15 minute service, Transit Signal Priority (TSP), dedicated lanes, enhanced stations and integration with other bus routes.

The project seeks to improve mobility in the San Bernardino Valley with an enhanced, state-of-the-art BRT system to address the growing traffic congestion and the one million people that will be added to the area by 2030.

Project Goals

  • Respond to growth in the western San Bernardino Valley
  • Increase transit ridership
  • Provide faster, more attractive transit service along the Holt Boulevard corridor
  • Connect major activity centers:
    • Victoria Gardens, schools, downtown areas
    • Metrolink
    • Major employers
  • Support the cities’ transportation and land use plans
  • Analyze all viable alternatives to determine the best option

The West Valley Connector project is being managed by the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority. For more information, please contact or visit:

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