Artists and CSUSB students create station artwork

Omnitrans Blue Tree Project

The Omnitrans E Street Corridor sbX Bus Rapid Transit Project
development team, the California State University, San Bernardino Art Department and professional artists from Greenmeme have collaborated. Students enrolled in a public art class were given the opportunity to participate in The Blue Tree Project – a program to develop artwork for a future campus sbX station.

Glass-panel artwork on the station canopy will convey public transit as a means of reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and capture the essence of the natural surroundings of the university. Using blue colors, photography, and other artistic methods, the artists will reproduce images of a pine tree that will be removed from the site to make way for the station.

“The removal of this tree is the conceptual focus of the project,” said Freya Bardell, an ecological designer and artist at Greenmeme. “Engaging the tree through a series of actions and placed in a variety of venues, the tree is given a second life and third life.”

Last week the pine tree was pruned and cross sections of the branches were moved to the university’s Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art (RAFFMA). On February 15, Greenmeme and CSUSB artists worked to paint the limbs different shades of blue and created a museum installation, which will be on display at RAFFMA February 18 through April 21.

Each week, Greenmeme and CSUSB artists will complete a different step in the project’s concetputalization. Weather permitting, the team will focus on painting the outdoor tree blue next week.

For more information about The Blue Tree Project, please call the RAFFMA at (909) 537-7373.

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