Omnitrans audio messaging features PSA from First Lady

In July 2015, Omnitrans launched audio advertising on its buses. The service enables short, GPS triggered audio advertisements or public service messages on buses at carefully spaced intervals.

This location-based service adds value to passengers by informing them of services and specials available from businesses along the bus route. For example, they might learn that a nearby drugstore is offering low cost flu shots or that a restaurant is offering 2-for-1 specials for riders who show them a bus pass.

This month, Omnitrans audio advertising includes a new public service announcement from First Lady Michelle Obama called “Better Make Room.”

This PSA is part of the First Lady’s “Reach Higher” initiative; its mission is to inspire every student in America to continue their education past high school.

In “Better Make Room,” Mrs. Obama encourages youth to make better choices for their future by pursuing higher education, taking advantage of available opportunities, and exploring new careers. She believes their dreams are in their grasp.

“You’re about to arrive,” she tells young people. “And the world Better Make Room.”

You can listen to the “Better Make Room” PSA below.

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