Omnitrans fits this student’s on-the-go lifestyle

From shopping and visiting friends to going to school or out to a movie, Teresa Hernandez finds that Omnitrans fits her on-the-go lifestyle. The 34-year-old student is working towards her clerical/office certificate at San Bernardino Valley College where she is currently taking classes in psychology and health. “Psychology is probably my favorite subject,” said Teresa. “I like figuring out how people think and what makes them do the things they do. It applies to everything. Being able to read people is a great skill to have at any job.”

For the past five years, Teresa has been a regular Omnitrans rider. Her favorite trips include shopping destinations like Inland Center Mall, Starbucks, Sterling Movie Theater and K-Mart. “I love riding the bus,” said Teresa. “It’s comfortable, I can easily get wherever I need to go, and I like the independence it gives me. The bus driver on Route 2 is friendly and very nice. When someone like that recognizes you as a regular and smiles and says hello, it can really make your day.”

As a college student, Teresa is able to take advantage of the The Omnitrans Go Smart program which provides college students with unlimited bus rides on any route, at any time with their student ID. With the money she saves with Go Smart, Teresa is able to do things she loves to do like shop or socialize with friends.

“Every Thursday morning a small group of us meet at Molly’s Cafe here San Bernardino for breakfast.  A lot of my friends ride the bus like me, so it’s an easy destination for us. The food is great–they have everything you could possibly want to eat. It’s a fun way for us to catch up with each other.”

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