Omnitrans Heroes Rescue Kitten

Yesterday Omnitrans building maintenance mechanics, John Palintino, Ron Freeland and Ray Ellis along with Job Corps intern, James Haynes, came to the rescue of a tiny kitten who had fallen into a sewer pipe. A customer heard the kitten’s cries when she was walking on the sidewalk on her way to her car and alerted Omnitrans Security.

The  men discovered a little grey kitten had fallen about 5 feet down a small outdoor pipe and was unable to get out. Thinking quickly, they dropped a soft thick rope down the pipe in hopes that the kitten would grab it. Unfortunately the terrified little cat only backed further into the pipe, hissing.

James Haynes and Ray Ellis with the rescued kitten

At that point the men  left the rope dangling in the hole and decided to start digging out the pipe instead. Once uncovered, they would be able to cut an opening for the kitten to climb out.  A few minutes later James noticed the rope was moving slightly and realized the kitten had grabbed the other end. The men carefully pulled the tiny cat out to safety and gave it food and water.

The kitten now has a new home with the woman who first alerted Security. And the crew has fashioned a cover for the pipe to prevent any further mishaps.

Three cheers for our good Samaritan and our Omnitrans heroes!

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