Omnitrans January 2014 bus book now online

SERVICE CHANGES:  Minor time adjustments have been made to the weekday schedules for Routes 14, 20, 67 and 82.  Click below for details.

2 thoughts on “Omnitrans January 2014 bus book now online

  1. When is omnitrans going to revise the times of the number 9? At least consider reviewing it. The number 9 is 15 to 20 minutes late in the morning, consistently. How long does it need to be late before omnitrans considers reevaluating it? Maybe it needs a new benchmark for the morning times, one that would make the bus book a statement of reality instead of what should be. It’s hard to be on time anywhere when using the number nine before noon.

    1. I appreciate Omnitrans and all the hard and tedious work that their Operators do. But their are lots of indivisuals that rely on The Busses tremendously as their only source of transportaion. So the question is when or how soon will you (Omntrans) Provide bus service 365 Days meaning Holiday service? Please keep in mind that many people do not, can not and have not the means or access to Cars and heavily rely on public Transportation and (Omnitrans) is some peoples only means of Transportaion. Come on maybe a Sunday Schedule.. Please!

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